How to install UltraBB 1.17

Please read all directions carefully:

*To install UltraBB 1.17 as a fresh install*

Download the files to your computer and unzip them. There will be one folder named ultrabb
that contains all the board and install files.

If you want the board to be the first thing your visitors see when they come to your site:

Upload the entire contents of the folder (not the folder but everything within it) to your web root on your hosts server.
In most cases this folder will be named www or public_html. If you are unsure what your web root folder is then contact your host and ask.

If you want to have an alternate entrance page (you must provide one) and have a link leading to your forum:

You can re name the folder you have downloaded if you wish, "forum" and "forums" seem to be the most popular names.
Open the "config.php" file in the folder with a simple text editor like "note pad" or "ConText". Do not use "Word" or "Word perfect" type editors because they
don't preserve the original text only format.

Search for this:
define("BASE_DIR", "");

Edit it to be this:
define("BASE_DIR", "/foldername");

Replacing "foldername" with what you actually renamed the folder to.

The next line will be:
define("BOARD_LOGO", "/images/ultrabb.gif");

Edit it to be this:
define("BOARD_LOGO", "/foldername/images/ultrabb.gif");

Replacing "foldername" with what you actually renamed the folder to. This step is optional if you plan on uploading a logo through the admin panel later.

Upload the entire folder to your web root.

You will need to create a blank MySQL database. A MySQL database has 4 elements:

host - usually "localhost" but can sometimes be a URL or an IP address.
Database Name
Database User

If you don't understand how to create a blank database through your hosts control panel please ask your host.

Now the install! Type in your favorite browser your web address followed by a front slash and "install.php".
Example: OR if you took option 2.

Click the "next" button.
Fill out the database information. In most cases the pre filled fields will never have to be changed.

Click the "next" button.

The next page you can choose your administrator user name and password. The e-mail address becomes the boards e-mail address.

That is basic install instructions, the staff at UltraBB will be happy to install the board for you if you need help.

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