A note to people with a XXXXXXX.mywowbb.com site

This is a messy situation, anything that is xxxxxxx.mywowbb.com was a sub domain of the mywowbb.com name. It was originally back in the wowbb days a "trial" board, Aycan himself gave a 30 day trial of the original WowBB software before you had to buy a license.A select few people with the xxxxxxx.mywowbb.com trial boards had such success during ... Read More »

12th Nov 2022
Closure notice

Hi everyone,It is with great sorrow I will have to close the server farm after years of providing hosting. Over the years some of you have become more than clients, I have made some good friends alog the way. Data 1 Systems has not been profitable for almost 2 years now. Between the economic strain of current times, lack of help, questionable ... Read More »

5th Nov 2022