This is a messy situation, anything that is was a sub domain of the name. It was originally back in the wowbb days a "trial" board, Aycan himself gave a 30 day trial of the original WowBB software before you had to buy a license.

A select few people with the trial boards had such success during the trial they didn't want to change the name so Aycan sold them hosting using the sub domain they created their trial board with.

I let go but kept the domain because literally dozens of people still used it.

Now there are like 10 left. You know who you are.

The mess is I still have to upkeep the MywowBB domain name and DNS, I cannot release it to any one customer because the DNS will have to point at wherever the site files are.

So I will have to work closely with the MyWowBB remaining members in their migrations. Due to the nature of DNS a hosting company might change a server IP making a site unreachable until the subdomain is re pointed via "A" record. If you didn't understand that well that just means you are normal and I'm the geek LOL.

I will make sure my 2 sons who are both versed in the workings of the "web" know it is their responsibility to do the upkeep on the MyWowBB clan, I do owe the legacy that respect.

If I think of another way I will announce it here, I guess I still have to hold on to the MyWowBB domain!


Saturday, November 12, 2022

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