Hi everyone,

It is with great sorrow I will have to close the server farm after years of providing hosting. Over the years some of you have become more than clients, I have made some good friends alog the way.

Data 1 Systems has not been profitable for almost 2 years now. Between the economic strain of current times, lack of help, questionable personal health and old age I cannot carry it any more.

As of January 1 2023 the plug is being pulled on the entire rack.

I will answer as many questions as I can here, feel free to e-mail me with deeper questions.

1. On October 1st 2022 I stopped Cron jobs, simply meaning there will be no more billing and no automated closing of sites for any reason.

2. Any of you that have paid recently will be refunded any money you have left on services. If you paid for a year and only used 2 months you will be refunded for 10 months of service on january 1st 2023.

3. Anyone that owe me money, don't worry about it.

4. Everyone will have access to their site files, their databases and complete Cpanel backups if they move to a Cpanel site, the cpanel backup includes all mail accounts.

5. I can give you links to your backups, but I cannot move your site for you. You will have to hire an outside contractor to do so or sometimes a new host will move you just to get your business.

If you have an UltraBB board be advised it will not run on a server with php7 without extreme modifications, which I personally cannot provide. If you don't have the tech resources to make these changes there are some hosts that provide older PHP levels in a cloud environment.
One of them is LogicWeb https://www.logicweb.com/web-hosting/ which is the place I have chosen to put all my personal sites. They are more of a "geeky" place (as Data 1 was) but have provisions for running levels of PHP on sites that will support UltraBB boards.

I would still even after all these years avoid GoDaddy, HostGator, BlueHost since I have had clients lose huge chunks of their database there. Maybe they have changed, I can't say.

So I will be monotoring the main e-mail every couple hours. The ones that bounce I will address with another e-mail address.

Again I apologize for the inconvenience.


Saturday, November 5, 2022

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