Creating an E-Mail account in your C-Panel

To create mail accounts with Data 1 Hosting

Access your sites control panel by entering (of course substituting your actual site instead of and log in with the user name and password sent to you when you ordered hosting.

It might be different from the private support log in. There will be icons on the right and an info block on the left. Click on the icon labeled "Mail".
The third selection in the resulting menu will be "Add/Remove/Manage Accounts", click on that. Click on "Add Account" at the bottom of the next page. Enter the e-mail address you want to create in the first box (the "@" and the site name are added automatically) and make sure you enter the desired password before you save, it will let you save without one!

The quota field should only be changed if you expect on transferring huge files in e-mails OR if you like saving every e-mail you ever received. The 10 M default is big enough for 99% of all users.

Click "Save" at the bottom and you have created an e-mail account!

You can access your mail in various ways, one is with the built in web based programs by going to (of course substituting your actual site instead of You will be able to select and configure one of 2 programs; Horde and Squirel Mail.

Alternately you can access the accounts with any mail program such as Outlook/Outlook Express/Incredimail/eudora or just about any mail program.  Click on the *Configure Mail Client link against the mail address you have set up and follow the instructions  - we recommend you use the secure options.

Use your entire e-mail address for the user name and the password will be whatever you entered when creating the mail account. For sending mail you need to check the box that says "my server requires authentication" and use the same user and password as the incoming mail.

It should all work now!

Special situations:

The "main account" (the one that is there but you didn't create it) uses just the name for the log in and not the entire e-mail address. It is impossible to delete this account!

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