Ordering Add-Ons for your UltraBB

If you want to order one of the "Add-Ons" or plug-ins as some call them for your UltraBB, this should explain how to get the process started.

1. Log in to your client area.

2. Click the "My Services" link at the top.

3. There will be a small icon to the right of your services listed, resembling a piece of paper with a green arrow pointing to the right. Click on that for the service you want to view addons for.

4. Scroll down till you see "Account Addons".

5. Click on the link under Account Addons that reads: "Click to view available addons".

6. Click on "Order Now" for the addon you are interested in.

In most cases we will assist in installing addons, you should submit a support ticket to have addons installed if you do not want to do it yourself.

Thank you!


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