How to put Clickable Image Banners in your Signature

You may wish to allow your users to put "Images" in there signatures on your forum.  This is commonly used on forums for video game clubs or teams where a member may wish to put a banner image with their team logo or stats in their signature. A bit of warning here, you may wish to tell your users upfront what your guidelines are for signatures. Many Banner making sites create images that flash or are excessively large and can be distracting to the conversation.

In order to use an image in a signature with UltraBB you need to do the following:

1. Ensure that your users have the ability to use "Signatures". You can do this by:

a. Accessing your UBB "Admin Panel" link on the bottom of your page. You must be an Admin User to do this.

b. Navigate to the "Topics" section of your admin panel by click the "Topics" button on the list of Admin Panel Choices.

c. On the Topics page you will find a list of Links on the Left side of the Page: Topics Limits, Text Editor, Avatars & Attachments, Integration, and Miscellaneous

d. Click on the "Miscellaneous" link.

e. You will see an option for "Signatures" with the ability to turn On or Off. Make sure this is set to "On" and Click "Save".


2. Now that signatures are turned On, your users can use text signatures or by doing the following they can include images that are hosted elsewhere. They only need the URL to the location of the image file. (example: Popular places to host images are sites like,, or

3. The user accesses their Signature via their user Profile. This can be found by going to "My Account" and then clicking on the "Profile" link (location my vary depending on Theme of site).

4. Access the "Signatures" box (note if you do not see this box, then you do NO have signatures turned "On" as explained previously.

5. In the box you can enter free form text. However when you want to include an image you need to enter the following:


6. In the above, replace the with the link you want the banner to open.

7. In the above, replace the with the link to where your banner has been saved.

8. Click "Save" on your profile.

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